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Providing architectural surveys, inspection, and historic restoration services, Melone Architects works with clients ranging from cooperative and condominium apartment buildings, to commercial, institutional, and private clients.

Historic Restoration

With an acute appreciation for Classical architecture and traditional design, particularly as it relates to historic New York City structures, we assist clients in historic restoration projects ranging from minor repairs and alterations to complete facade reconstructions. As many of the properties we work on are individual Landmarks or located within Historic Districts, we work closely with the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

FISP / Local Law-11

With a focus on historic structures, Melone Architects is uniquely qualified to advise building owners on New York City’s Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP, aka Local Law-11) which requires periodic safety inspections of all building facades greater than six stories. Expert in terra cotta, natural stone, and brick masonry, we work closely with clients to design suitable repair programs for aging buildings.  

Building Condition Surveys

We work with clients to conduct comprehensive surveys through the evaluation of existing conditions at both the interior and exterior of the building. Following inspections, we can assist in preparing immediate and long-term repair or prioritized maintenance plans.

Leak Investigations

We understand the seriousness of un-checked water damage, and will work diligently to discover the cause of existing leaks. These services incorporate state-of-the-art technologies including the use of moisture testing equipment and infrared or thermal imaging cameras.

Roof and Terrace Replacements

With an expertise in modified bitumen and liquid-applied resin roofing systems, Melone works with clients to specify appropriate roof systems. Specializing in traditional construction techniques and material, our services also include the design of complex flashing solutions as well as slate, tile, and metal roofs.

Window & Door Replacements

Melone has successfully managed projects ranging from the design and installation of historic entry doors through the building-wide replacement of windows. Specializing in historic NYC structures, Melone Architects can design custom solutions to meet current energy conservation code, with improved sound and water infiltration performance, while maintaining the historic appearance of original fenestration.

Specializing in Historic Restoration projects since founded in 2007.

Melone Architects advises clients on all aspects of building envelope repairs and maintenance.
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Apartment Alteration Reviews

Conducting reviews of proposed condominium or co-operative apartment reviews on behalf of Boards.

Full Design Services

Full architectural design services, from apartments for resident managers, to lobbies and entry doors, to house and apartment renovations.

Building Code Consulting

Assisting buildings with code-related issues, from alterations of Certificates of Occupancy to tallying gross square footage.

From full design services to proposal reviews, we will guide you every step of the way.

We offer a range of architectural services depending on your needs. Reach out to us today and let's see how we can help.
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